Paylionce Payroll Solutions | Add a New Employee

Add New Employee

To add a new employee go to:

 Payroll > Employees > Add Employee.  

A blank set of fields will appear for you to complete.

Complete the Personal Information section.

All fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

  • Enter the employee’s full Name as it appears on their W-4 form, mailing address, and Social Security Number (no dashes).
  • If your business has more than one location, enter the work location for this employee.
  • Optional fields: Enter a middle name, phone numbers, email, hire date, birthday, and gender.  Note that the hire date may be required in some states.

Complete the Payroll Information section.

Pay Type:  Select the Pay Type from the drop-down list, which determines the unit of pay for the employee: Hourly, Salary, or Salary Non-Exempt. 

Pay Rate:  If you select Hourly, enter the hourly rate of pay (e.g. 14.75). For Salary, enter the pay rate per pay period (e.g. 1500.00 without commas). For Salary Non-Exempt, enter the pay rate per pay period.  If you are starting with an annual number, divide by the number of annual pay periods: Weekly = 52, Biweekly = 26, Semimonthly = 24, Monthly = 12.

Pay Frequency:  The company’s default pay frequency is automatically shown. If the employee’s pay frequency differs from the company default, select a different one.

Time & Attendance Information:

If you are a TIME customer, select the method of time entry for your employee.  Choose “Manual” if this employee can enter their time worked at any time during the day.  Chose “Time Punch” if this employee will be “punching” in and out in real time as it happens. 

Click Add Employee.

You have now added the employee’s record, and can enter the rest of the employee’s information.

Click Add Tax Info for This Employee. You must complete the tax withholding on the Taxes Page before running payroll. 

After you have entered and saved their tax information, you will see links to pages at the top of the employee record: 

Personal Info, Pay Info, Direct Deposit (if applicable), Paychecks, Taxes, Deductions & Contributions, TIME Info (if applicable), and HR Info (if applicable.) To add, edit, or delete this information, click the appropriate link to get to that page, then click Edit.

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