HR: Add Employer Documents

HR: Add Employer Documents

You can upload and store your company’s electronic files and bookmark website links to share with employees through their employee portal. You can share reference materials for employees, such as a company handbook, blank new hire forms, a phone extension list, frequently visited websites, etc.  Employees can view your list of uploaded Employer Documents and website links when they log into their employee portal account.

Here is how the document list appears to employees in their employee portal. Note that only the Display Name is shown. The employee will click on the link name to open the document or website.


To add a new Employer Document:

Settings > Payroll > Human Resources > Upload Employer Documents

1. Click Add New.
2. Choose the document types: either “File From My Computer” or “Website Link.”

a. If you choose “File From My Computer,” click the “Choose File” button and find the file.
b. If you choose “Website Link,” enter the Website Address. You can click “Test Link” to make sure the link works. The web page will appear in a new window.
3. Enter the Display Name as it will appear to employees.
4. Click Add Document.
The document will be selected by default to “show” in your employees’ portal accounts. To keep a document for employer reference only, un-check the “Show” box, and click the “Update” button.

To reorder the Document List:

You can reorder the document list to appear in a certain order to employees when they view the documents in their portal.

  • Place your cursor at the left of the row, over the 3 blue dots.
  • Click and drag the row to another position.
  • Click the “Update” button to save this order.

Note: You cannot edit an attached document. To make a change, remove the document, and upload it again.

To delete an Employer Document:

Click the trashcan icon in the row. This document will no longer appear to the employee through their employee portal.

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