Time Summary Report ​

Time Summary Report ​

The Time Summary Report shows a summary and details by the day of each employee’s recorded time.
  • Payroll > Reports > Time & Attendance Reports > Time Summary.
  • The current year and pay period will display. Change the dropdown list to change the pay period if needed.
  • By default, all employees with hours will appear in the report. All Hour Codes will also be included. Use the checkboxes to select certain Employees and Hour Codes, then click Run Report.
  • A summary list of employees with the total hours by Hours Type will display. To view daily details for each employee, click View Details in the top left corner of the list. The Details will show all “In” and “Out” punch sets per day for hourly employees, and total daily hours for salary employees.
  • If there are no employees with hours entered for the selected pay period, nothing will be displayed.


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